Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Outdoor Adventures

Sunday the weather here was too beautiful to stay inside so we decided to go on an outing. Hubby picked Roaring Run as our destination. If you live close enough that you can  easily visit then I highly suggest you do so. Trust me you won't regret it. Here are some pics I took while there: roaring run pics 
Monday the UPS man became my favorite person ever! Ok so he was just doing his job but hey when a man does a job well you compliment him right? :D
So here's what he brought me:

That's right my Namaste bag!!! *squee* I have wanted one for awhile now .... totally worth the wait.

And because not every post can be all good I ran out of yarn while knitting on the baby snuggle sack and Michaels no longer carries that yarn in that color :(
So since I'm outta luck this time I'll frog it & just make some baby hats for the reservation with that yarn & go ahead & send what I have already for this baby. Pics to come tomorrow when I package up the items & head to the post office


  1. Very nice bag! Careful're venturing on the line of being chic!