Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Fun

Saturday was my birthday so I requested the day off from work. Normally I work every Saturday whether it's my birthday or not but this year a local fiber festival happened to be going on & I miss it every year thanks to working every Sat so this year I decided to change that. My day started off with hubby fixing me breakfast before he headed to work & as he was leaving he said "buy yourself something pretty while you're there" Well now when the man gives you the all ok like that you don't argue right? I met up with a local knit friend & we rode together. On the way my sister called me to wish me happy birthday & tell me she luvs me *awww*
I spent the day working the raffle table with my friend..... we were peddling tickets to win a portable spinning wheel, and watching 1 of the vendors baby - man was she ever a sweet lil angel! I managed to come home with 3 skeins of hand painted yarn. I had bought 2 & told myself I was done - I am on a yarn diet this year after all. But then when David had to go show the new owner of the wheel how to pack it up & give them all the details about it I told him I'd watch his table for him and I fell right off the wagon. If only the dratted man didn't have a sign saying "we accept Visa & Mastercard" I would have been alright as I'd only brought a small amount of cash with me since I know my willpower is not the best LOL  So here is a pic of my bday yarn: the blue/green one is David's yarn
After the fiber festival I came home & spent a quiet evening with hubby & the boys. Then today we decided since it was so pretty out to go for a picnic & they were fishing while I sat beside the river knitting. I worked on my boneyard shawl for most of the day. Here's a pic of that now:

And here's the scenery down by the river:

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  1. Progress on that shawl, my friend!! Could it be that another WIP will soon be an FO??