Monday, April 25, 2011

Starting to come together.......

I got some great news on Thursday!! I finally heard from my friend in Libya & he and family are all ok *whew*. I've been pretty worried about them with  all that's going on over there. Friday the youngest & I had a busy day..... trips to Kroger, gas station *ouch*, Lowe's - where I scored tomato & pepper plants for 50 cents each and a new bathroom faucet, then on to hubby's work where I got some free pallets. Free pallets = free compost bin which makes me a very happy girl :) Here's pics of my new compost ain't pretty but it'll get the  job done and again with the free part lol.

Today the kiddos dug post holes for me while I was out running a couple errands. Their reward was lunch from taco bell. And my score for the day while running errands was finding myself a pair of super cute shoes *happy dance*
I do so love shoes :)

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  1. Love the shoes! Yay for lunch treats! You're a good mom!