Friday, September 16, 2011

Fun in the Kitchen

Yesterday's fun chore was organizing the cabinets & the recipes. Well not all of the cabinets are done but half of them are. I'm taking everything out, getting rid of what doesn't get used & organizing what's left. I also had these recipe cards that were stuck inside a big box & it drove me crazy that they were like that but I had no other way to keep them until I spotted a small binder that hubby had in the basement, only problem was it wouldn't even hold a third of those cards. Well I just happened to stop at Michaels on Wed & found these lovely little Paula Deen recipe binders on sale. *happy dance* I grabbed 6 of those binders. They come with 8 dividers & 20 sheets of recipe card holders. The recipe cards took up 4 of those binders :O leaving 2 for the small handwritten cards. So here are some pics:
before in their box....
the new binders

inside of the new binders

the sleeves for small recipe cards

the small recipe cards

the recipe cards in the new binders

and some small recipe cards with hand written recipes 

I also managed to get all of my cookbooks organized & in 1 cabinet, the pots & pans cabinet had been done as well as the cabinet above the stove & the 1 above the refrigerator. Next up the cabinet with the dishes in's very scary in that cabinet so I am putting it off as long as possible lol plus the main pantry cabinet also needs a good cleaning. I suspect there are things in the back of the main pantry cabinet that have been in there since when dinosaurs roamed the earth :O
I also recently finished another of the shawls I was working on. That shawl as well as the one I knit for my friend are both on my bed blocking today. Pics will be coming soon :)


  1. Look at you and your organized self!!!

  2. Dear Blog,

    I'm sorry I've been neglecting you. Even though friends such as AuburnChick check Google Reader daily, still I continue to ignore you.

    Shame on me.