Friday, August 26, 2011

No post yesterday - I was too tired. For some reason I could barely keep my eyes open so Zeus & I napped for a few hours. I've gotten some knitting in at work the past 2 nights though as things have been thankfully slow. Now if we can keep on with that through the weekend I will be a happy girl. I have about 10 rows left on the border of my shawl then bind off & pics! I spent what time I was awake yesterday happily wasting time online. Let me introduce you to 1 of my all time favorite sites: For those of you who love new furniture but don't love the price tag and don't mind breaking a sweat you will love this site. Free plans for building all kinds of things: beds, bookshelves, outdoor sofa, pergola, etc. I have a giant binder with plans for all kinds of things, poor hubby his honey do list is super long ;) This is yet another of my favorites & it's full of ideas & tips for doing things around the home.

I got a little something new for the Wii this week too. Yes this will be my new workout routine. Oldest boy has a birthday tomorrow & I came across this deal while online looking for something for him. I'll be getting started with that once the weather cools off. I am not a fan of Summer, in fact I could go so far as to say I despise Summer, I always have. Perhaps this is due to being an Aries, thus a fire sign, I dunno but I really feel awful pretty much all Summer long. Needless to say I will be happy when Fall finally arrives. Working out with the Wii, hiking, long walks. The kids got this for the Wii as 1 of A's birthday presents. Those 2 love all things football lately so I thought this would be a good thing since they are also all about the Wii. I swear they would play Madden from sun up until midnight or later if I'd let them. Since I've been negligent with the pics lately but I still don't have anything productive to post here's a nice shot of how I spent my afternoon today after the kids & I got back from the grocery store. Yep that's my brat! He has to snuggle just as close as he can get.

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