Sunday, April 7, 2013

WIP Sunday

Yes Auburnchick I have finally revived my poor neglected blog :O
I have decided this is the year I finally clean out the wip basket. So 1 project got frogged & I started a new pattern with this yarn, the others I am just resuming work on them. The Adventures in Colorwork shawl which is almost done has been sitting in the basket for 2+ years now. This shawl has a pretty lace border on it but I somehow messed up while working on it. Rather than fixing it right away I got frustrated & tossed it in the basket to be dealt with later. Later has finally arrived so I pulled it out, ripped back to the start of the lace border & have restarted it. It is going well so far.

Here are pics of 3 of my shawls I have going. 1st: Adventures in Colorwork, 2nd: Comfort Shawl, 3rd: Little House Shawl.

Yes I know I am a shawl junkie. They're like crack....once you start you can't stop ;-)
Patterns are: Pierrette, Milk-run-shawl & Little-house-shawl
I will warn you..... the Little House Shawl is gorgeous but the start is a BEAR! It's worked bottom up so you have to cast on 396 stitches. Let me just say 396 purl stitches is really not fun at all. But now that I'm done with the feather & fan section I am loving it. The Milk Run Shawl is super easy since it's all garter stitch. It makes great tv knitting. Pierrette like all Picnicknits patterns is super easy & fun.


  1. Oh, I love your shawls...especially that lace!!!

    I'm proud of you for posting and working on your WIPs.

    I think you should buy some yarn to celebrate.


  2. You know I think you're right and I think there's a skein of Madeline Tosh sock yarn calling my name. If it's still there tomorrow when I go to work I think it might just come home with me :-)