Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer Fun

The boys and I have been down on the mountain for the past 2 days trying to clear out the area down by the creek. This is 3 acres of overgrown jungle. Beautiful but a daunting task to be sure. Here are some pics I've taken while down there....

The top picture is where we've started clearing out a driveway to get down there from the road. Poor B boy hit a yellow jacket nest with the lawnmower on Tuesday and got stung twice. Then there was the attack of the chiggers. Ah the fun to be had in Summer lol.  The next 2 pics are the area where we are thinking about putting the cabin. Waiting for a friend with building knowledge to come take a look and give me an opinion on that. The last pic is of the creek in the area where we want to build. I look forward to a time when I can just sit down by the creek and soak up the peace while listening to the water rush on by.

The main task at this point is to clear out where we want the cabin, stake that area off, have the gentleman from the health dept come take a look and then he will stake off where the septic will go, then we can have our permit. Once we have that permit we can apply for a building permit. But first..... must keep at the clearing since we have not only the spot for the cabin to get finished but we also have to clear out for the chicken coop/run and the dog run. I don't worry about the 2 old dogs as they will stay where they're supposed to but the Bloodhounds would be off in a second following their noses lol.

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  1. Wow, even have a river running across it. It seem like a paradise.