Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thankful Thursday

I guess there's no better way to re-start the blog than with a Thankful Thursday post huh?'s been over 3 years since I've posted and a lot has changed in my life. Maybe those changes will be the subject of tomorrow's blog 😉
Today among the usual things I am thankful for ie: a roof over my head, food to eat, good friends, my family, etc...
I am thankful that the results of yesterday's emergency trip to the vet clinic was not as tragic as I feared. This little goober here.....
We hadn't seen her since Monday afternoon so when B came in from school (he gets home at ~12pm on Wed) I sent him out to look for her. He's the cat whisperer so whenever we have to catch one of them he's sent to do the deed. Well he found her in some weeds over on the side of the house so he brought her up on the porch and came in to get her some canned food. When he picked her up to put her on the table to eat (we have to put the cat food up high thanks to a certain dog here who loves kitty food) we noticed she didn't want to put any weight on her right front leg and she also had some pretty matted places on her which is very unusual for her. So I had him put her in the carrier so I could take her to the vet. I didn't even stop to call them to see if they had time I just went cause my gut instinct told me something was very wrong. Thankfully they were able to work her in quickly and there was more wrong than I noticed at first. The vet was fairly certain she had been in a fight with another animal first which explains the sore front leg, torn nails and the matted areas on her and then was hit by a car. Her temp was a little elevated and there was blood in her stool. So she asked me to leave her for a few hours so they could give her a pain injection and take some x-rays to assess the extent of her injuries. It was a very long 3 hours and I was very worried the worst was to come (euthanasia) as cats don't do well when hit by a car. Fast forward 3 hours and we go back to see what they've found out. The vet takes us back to see her x-rays and she has a broken pelvis as well as some compressed vertebrae in her upper back. The vet says she was rolled by the car which is why the damage wasn't more extensive. So she did laser therapy, gave her a couple injections and she got to come home on cage rest. Which means she will be living in an old dog kennel in the basement for the next 3-4 weeks. She seems about as comfy as she can be under the circumstances in there.....
We had to take her friend Leonard down to see her this afternoon - he's been outside bawling and looking for her -that seems to have eased his mind. She's ~1 yr older than he is and they've been together since I brought him home from work around 4 yrs ago when he was a tiny kitten.

So today I'm thankful for veterinary medicine and that Princess gets to stay with us for awhile longer 😌

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  1. Poor kitty!!! I'm so glad she's okay! Welcome back to the blog world!!!