Thursday, May 26, 2011

busy busy busy

That's been life here for the past couple weeks. But today I have plenty of pics to share! This weekend was yard cleaning time! I weeded the flower bed out front, planted lots of seeds in garden beds & pots, hubby & kiddos cleaned the fenced off section of the  back yard & hubby took apart some of the pallets & made me a garden box! *yay* Tuesday evening I had the kids drag the soil around the house & dump it in the box for me plus I had a big trash can full of compost for the garden bed. Once we dumped it all in & mixed it together I was able to plant all of my tomato plants. Next I'll plant some seeds for corn, peas, green beans, etc. I also discovered this weekend that my peach trees are full of little peaches!! They aren't ripe yet but man I can already taste them! There's something great about knowing exactly where what you're eating is coming from. I tell you the more I hear/read the less I want anything that comes from a store. Now for those pics I promised:

This garden bed was 100% free except for hubby's labor. He took pallets apart for all the wood & even re-used the nails! And there are my little peaches! mm

I bought 2 hanging baskets of flowers yesterday. I can't help it pretty flowers make me happy  especially purple ones :) That being said here are the new babies which are hanging on the side of my carport:

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