Friday, May 6, 2011

Lowe's - oh how I love thee.............

I love Lowe' really I think it might be my all time favorite place to go. I could spend hours in there daydreaming about all the things I want to do to my house. I think before long the hubster will ban me from going there :D  Talk about role reversal eh? lol  Yesterday's trip resulted in vinyl siding for the 1 section of my house that isn't brick. It's wood & has reached the point where it really needs to be repainted & I thought to  myself "scrape & repaint every few years??" I don't even think so so I went to Lowe's yesterday to price vinyl siding. OK not the cheapest stuff in the world but in my case since the area is relatively small it's not outrageous so sales guy loaded the cart for me *happy dance*  So I came home & unloaded the siding, cleaned the van out from the pallets the other day, put the back seat back in, did some work in my garden, cooked dinner then it was time for knit night. I missed my knitting guild meeting Monday thanks to bully boy & his nonsense :( so I was determined to go to knit night. Had a great time with the 3 other ladies who showed up & made some progress on my wollmeise shawl....I am currently on the border section. I promise pics next time but then I might be done with it by then :)

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  1. You might actually have a FO!! Woo Hoo!