Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back from Vacation and with an FO at that!

Last week was vacation week, I packed up the kiddos & headed to grandpa's house. It was really great having a week where I didn't have to clean house, go to work.... well you get the idea. I also got to spend some quality time with my little sister. There's 10 years between us so we've never really gotten to spend lots of time together :(  But we had a whole week to spend together, we had a great time thrift shopping, crafting & cooking.  She's getting ready to open an etsy shop .....that girl has some serious jewelry making talent! I put the bug in her ear about making stitch markers for us knitters ;) She even made me some super cute fishy stitch markers. Can't get a better pic than this....sorry

I also finished the shawl for my friend Kim. Now I was only blessed with 1 biological sister but consider myself very lucky that I have 2 more sisters I gained along my way through life. I worked with Kim once upon a time & we became instant friends, neither of us work there anymore but we've always kept in touch. A little over 3 years ago oldest kiddo was in an accident & was hospitalized for over 3 months.....we almost lost him as it was touch & go for awhile. The day after the accident I called Kim to tell her, her first words to me were "I'll be there as soon as I can". It's not often you find friends like that. That same time period is when I gained my other sister, Auburnchick (her online name). She & I had met on a knitting website a few months earlier & had chatted a few times, I emailed her asking her to pray for us. I had no idea she would end up being 1 of the closest people in my life. When she had details of where we were (what hospital), she called me every day during what were the 3 hardest months of my life. We still text each other daily & talk on the phone several times a week. It's amazing how sometimes you find just what you need when you aren't even looking.......
Ok now that I've gotten all mushy how about a pic of that shawl? Now I haven't blocked it yet so it's much smaller than it will be once It's done blocking.

And last but certainly not least here's a pic of the current WIP I spend the most time with, the Oaklet Shawl in Unplanned peacock colorway is Purple Martin


  1. Awww...I am so touched by this post!! I love you, my friend. God brought much good out of your ordeal with the boy.

    The shawls are lovely!! You're an incredibly generous woman, and everyone who comes in contact with you is very blessed indeed. :)