Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Some Outdoor Fun

Well the fun moved outside today. The kids & I tackled the yard & the carport. We scored a big metal cabinet for free....the kind with adjustable shelves & doors. Oh I am a happy girl & I'm sure my neighbors will be happy too as now I'll be able to keep my carport far more organized. So the kids chore for the day was to get rid of any trash, clean off the desk (which will be repurposed elsewhere) and put the cabinet on the carport & put all the stuff in it in an organized fashion. Next up hubby is going to build me a potting-bench we also found in the basement our old dining room table from before we had the kiddos it's a small round table so we've decided to repurpose that as a table for sitting outside on the carport. We just need to paint it & we also have some office type chairs (the kind you typically find in waiting rooms) so I'm gonna reupholster them with some pretty fabric & paint the metal part white. Oh I can't wait! And the man informed me the other day that they often get pallets in with flat tops!! Why would that excite me so much you ask? Well we've been talking about building a deck just outside the sliding glass door in the back yard for years now. But as you know those are a lot of work & wood can get pricey. Well take a bunch of those solid top pallets, attach them together, weatherproof them and you have...... a deck with no cost & not too much work! The man says I am a genius :) Then all we have to do is build the pergola & the outdoor sofa and that little section of the yard will be perfect. For the garden section I found this blog talking about using an old crib to make a bench. I totally never would have thought of that myself but I really want one now. And as luck would have it we happen to still have the crib the kiddos used when they were babies in the basement! See sometimes being a procrastinator can be a good thing? :D I promise there will be pics coming of the things we're doing here just be patient.

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  1. First of all, you are a genius! ;)

    Love that crib bench! People can be so smart sometimes!!!