Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Need Some Color

I've spent far too many years with plain old boring off white wall & frankly I'm sick of them. So I've been seriously thinking about colors this week. At first all the kitchen is getting is new colors but just you wait I have big plans for that area. One of these days we are going to upgrade to butcher block counter tops *swoon* I cannot wait! I even found a tutorial to DIY!! But in the mean time there will be some color in that boring drab room. Imagine those colors with butcher block counter tops & stainless steel appliances! oh yeah & wood floors. I had originally planned to do white appliances since my kitchen is small but I scored a brand new stainless/black smooth top stove for $100 so my decision was made for me. Eventually I want to completely re-arrange how the cabinets are & everything. Once I get things semi-situated I'll post some pics & you'll see why. The master bedroom is also going to get some color. Basically there will be no more white or off white walls in this house with the possible exception of the weight/storage room. The colors for the bedroom. How many hubby's would be fine with a purple bedroom? Mine is :)  Thinking these colors for the bathroom upstairs. Then for the living room light yellow walls & re-upholstering the furniture with this color and adding some pillows in colors to accentuate. I love pinterest, it's my newest addiction. If anyone needs an invite please feel free to email me & I can send you one. I have to warn you it is totally addictive but you can find amazing ideas there. I'm seriously considering this color for the den walls, something really neutral for the pallet seating, then bright colors for the bean bag chairs & accent pillows. Since the floor plan downstairs is so open I may just do that turquoise for the walls in the office & craft room too.
The only downside to all this cleaning & planning is not much time for knitting. :(
But I am almost done with the Purple Martin shawl, I'm down to the lace border then bind off & block. Pics to follow soon :)

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  1. You have an eye for color, my friend! As far as the knitting goes, welcome to the Too-Busy-To-Knit Club. One is such a lonely number. LOL