Saturday, January 1, 2011

A blog for the new year

So I've had people tell me for awhile now that I should have a blog but I've resisted. Well this year I have some goals so I decided I would blog about them along the way. Maybe that will help me stick to them...... I tend to procrastinate but I come by it honestly thanks to my dad & pretty much everyone on his side of the family. Now onto my goals for the year these are not "New Years Resolutions" but rather just personal goals I would like to accomplish and there are no time limits.

1) Organization.....this really pains me to admit but there is little to no organization around here. So my goal is to 1 room at a time organize this house beginning with the master bedroom (mine & hubby's). So starting this week I will be cleaning out dressers & the closet of all clothing that is not worn on a regular basis & once I'm done I'll call the homeless shelter to come pick it up. Then comes the re-arranging of furniture & organizing what's left. Fun times are ahead I can feel it.

2) De-cluttering & Simplification......simply put we have way too much stuff & I'm tired of trying to figure out where to put it. So if it doesn't get used it's outta here. I had an eye opening experience a few weeks ago while chatting with a friend in India. He told me he was getting a refrigerator,washer & dryer (he got vouchers through his work) and I said "oh a new refrigerator?" to which he replied "no I've never had one" *insert shocked face here* I am truly ashamed to admit I never thought about living somewhere where having a refrigerator means you are rich. It just goes to show what we take for granted here in the US. So the next time you think you have it bad or you don't have what you "need" stop & think about how much more you have than some folks do & be thankful for it. For me every day that we all wake up here with our health, a roof over our heads & food to eat is a good day but I would like to live more simply. So this year I plan to start making some changes to head in that direction....I'm still in brainstorm mode so more to come on that later.

3) In terms of my knitting my ADD kicks in hardcore here. I am constantly being attacked by "startitis" as my girlfriends & I call it. What the heck is that you ask? Well it all begins & ends with's like crack for knitters & I really need to  set time limits for that site. I go there & look at the millions of patterns & I think "oh I wanna make that" so I start it then I see something else & think "oh I wanna make 1 of those" and on & on it goes then the next thing you know there is a basket full of wip's (work in progress). So this year I will finish my basket full of wip's or I will frog them (ripping out the stitches & rewinding the yarn) *gulp*
And last but not least in the knitting department...... no new purchases this year ;(
I have more yarn than I will ever be able to use in my lifetime so no more comes in until I have used a sizeable amount. That being said I plan to really get back into my charity knitting. I've been taking a break while knitting for friends but I can do both so I need to get back to it.

4) I will eat better & start exercising more. I am not concerned with personal appearance here but rather how I feel and I can feel there is a little too much of me. That being said..... the kids got a Wii for Christmas this year & mom bought herself the Active for the Wii. So beginning this week 20  minutes a day..... I have my work out buddy in a close friend a few states away who has Wii Fit so while we won't be doing the same exercises we will still be exercising together & we are holding each other accountable. So here's to feeling healthier in 2011


  1. Wow! Somebody did some soul-searching!!! I am so proud of you, and I'm proud to be the first commenter on your blog!!


    Love you, my Friend!

  2. Looking forward to reading more about your home re-organizing (hope you'll share some photos with this HGTV junkie). I struggle with that one too.

  3. I'm excited to keep up with you via your blog! Best wishes in the new year, I'll be with you in the home reclamation!

  4. I will be sure to post the after pictures but I doubt I'll feel brave enough to post any before pictures.....