Friday, January 14, 2011

The Longest Day Ever

So after my adventures in yesterday's post I went to work where I was scheduled 6pm-12am. No biggie right? wrong! So we started the shift off slower than slow & all of a sudden around 9:30pm the flood gates open. Then as I'm getting ready to try & sneak out a bit early since it's finally slowed down & I'm getting really sleepy here comes a call from the overnight girl. She went out to get in the car to come too work & there's a flat biggie right? yep wrong again.....apparently the last person to put a tire on there put it on in such a way that the wheel was attached to the rim so her hubby couldn't get it off. She lives 30 min away & they only have 1 car. 1 girl has really young children & is preggers again so she couldn't stay other girl has a day shift job & had to be there this morning so she couldn't stay. We see where this is going right? Yep I got to be the one to stay & cover the overnight shift. Somewhere around 3am I wanted to just pass out! I made it through the shift though & decided I was stopping at Kroger on the way home  b/c there was just no way mom was cooking real food tonight & they had frozen pizzas on sale this week. So I finally get home with way more than just pizzas & have reconciled myself to the idea that I'm not getting sleep anytime soon since the dogs sure aren't gonna put these groceries away.......
Then comes the wonderful surprise in the kitchen. Oh yeah my guys can sometimes be the biggest jerks.....sink full of dishes, counters trashed, etc *insert truly pissed look here*  I have a serious issue with dirty dishes in the sink - it's like nails on a chalkboard. So I put the groceries away, wash 3 loads of dishes (and no we don't have a dishwasher other than 2 hands & elbow grease), straightened some things up & finally sat down to have my breakfast at noon. Sat here  chatting with a friend on skype for a couple hours & then finally laid down for a nap at around 2:30pm & was up again by 4pm..... can't sleep too long during the day or I'll be up all night again & I am due back in to work tomorrow from 2pm-12am so sleep tonight is a definite must.

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