Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's All About the Babies

so knowing 3 preggo's means...... that's right lots of baby knitting *insert happy face*  I totally love knitting for babies! They couldn't care less what colors you use, what pattern you use, etc. All they care about is whether or not they are warm. That being said 2 of the preggo's are due in March & 1 is due in July. 1 March mom knows she's having a boy so I'll break out some blue & get her some items ready. I am also passing them anything I find here that is baby related.... I took the bassinet to them Sunday night. Woo hoo for de-cluttering & re-homing ;)
1 March mom doesn't know the gender so for her I am in unisex land on the colors. So far I have 1 hat done & am about halfway done with hat #2. My plan is to make 3 hats & a snuggle sack. Here goes with the pics:
finished hat.....

these are using the same baby hat pattern I posted last time. And I think I'll make the pea-pod-baby-snuggle-sack    for her too.

hat in progress
yarn for hat #3

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