Friday, January 21, 2011

Random Thoughts

Ok so I have been a very bad blogger this week......
But between me being sick & then oldest kiddo has it now too. He's been home sick the past 2 days with a low grade fever. I'm better but it's still not gone.... it's the lingering kind :\
I had to take my poor old kitty to work with me Wed night to have the Dr. check her teeth. And as I suspected she has yet more bad teeth - 2 to be exact. I ran bloodwork on her & for a 17 yr old kitty it looked pretty darn good. We ended up getting a bit busy so we didn't get to work on her then plus the Dr. wanted me to leave her on fluids for awhile so back in she goes tonight for a night of fluids & our tech who does dentals is gonna hook her up in the morning. I'll be in the doghouse for the next week or so if anyone needs me....  :D
Here's the old girl giving me the look after I made her take her antibiotics...

It's amazing how much knitting I get done when I'm sick. I guess it shouldn't be all that surprising considering I spend most of my time sitting since I don't feel like cleaning. I've been working mostly on 2 projects: hubby's scarf & the prayer shawl but I also started another baby hat - a friends sister is due in March & also a guy at work & his wife are due in March so I need to crank a few out for them as well. So today we have WIP pics:
This is the basketweave scarf pattern  found on knitting daily. This really is a great pattern....easy to memorize & a beautiful finished project. I am beginning to hate it though as this is my 3rd one. I have requests for 2 more - they may have to settle for a different pattern
 This is Mara which I linked in a past post. Love this pattern - totally mindless knitting which is great for when you're sick or just watching tv too.
And last but not least my absolute favorite baby hat...... so easy a caveman could do it as the Geico commercials say :D  perfect-fit-baby-hat

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  1. Very nice work, my friend! I hope you and the guy are starting to feel better. Hope your weekend of work goes well.