Thursday, January 13, 2011


Today was my DIY day..........
Tuesday my heating element in the oven died. Of course as I was trying to cook a turkey :( I didn't realize until a couple hours later so I had to carry it next door & use my neighbors oven and we had leftover spaghetti that night. Yesterday I used my toaster oven to re-heat part of the turkey for dinner & had hubby remove old heating unit for me so I could take it to the appliance repair store & get a new one. This morning I went to the store I called yesterday & they don't carry elements for my oven so they sent me to another store who thankfully did have what I needed. I sprayed the oven with cleaner before I left & had 2 other stops to make so when I got home it was ready to be scrubbed.....most distasteful job ever. Once I finished cleaning it I looked at the new element & thought "if he can do this so can I" I did. Plugged the stove back in & ta da it works again.
Yesterday was spent finishing up the entertainment center & punching holes in a giant stack of printed off knitting patterns & getting them in binders. I tell you I am loving this organization thing :D
Seriously though it feels so good once you get finished with each chore. And then knowing  the next time you need something you'll know exactly where to find it.... priceless! Next week it's back to my bedroom for more fun......

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  1. You go girl! I replaced the heating element in my oven a couple of summers ago. It's so easy and fun to say you did it yourself!!