Monday, July 8, 2013

As the Garden Grows

Well at least the garden is happy about all the rain we've been getting lately. The basement flooded (read ankle deep water throughout) so everything down on the floor is now trash. Thankfully there wasn't much on the floor. But we're still working on cleanup. Everything is being taken outside 1 section of the basement at a time and then the floor is being hosed off. Next the floors will get a good bleach mop to kill any fungus that might think about growing down there. Then things will get put back in an organized fashion. I suppose in some ways this happening was a good thing since we really needed to clean up & organize the basement. This happening just means it can no longer be put off. In the mean time the teenagers are back upstairs temporarily. B boy has taken over my craft room (his mattress is on the floor) and A boy has taken over the living room.
Back to the garden.....

Everything in this box was planted as seeds 1 week ago Sunday. Yep all that rain was good for something.

 Happy tomatoes - check
 more happy tomatoes & happy peppers - check

 Happy chickens? Yep! They just got fed so they are certainly happy. During all that rain.... not so much

And the lettuce, parsley, strawberries and peppers out front are growing like crazy as well.

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