Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WIP Wednesday

 Ah here we are at WIP Wednesday. So I have some shawl pics to share :-)

First up is my "Cotton Candy Sunshine". Named such because this yarn makes me think of cotton candy.

The free pattern can be found here.  It actually calls for DK weight yarn & is a baby blanket pattern. However some of her test knitters discovered it's a great size for a shawl. I decided to use fingering weight yarn b/c well I have a handpainted sockyarn addiction to go along with my shawl addiction. This yarn is Paca-Peds HT which is a wool, alpaca, nylon blend & comes with a mini skein of a solid color for the heels & toes (mine is purple). So my shawl will be variegated for the body & solid for the border.

Up next is my "Pterotactyl Gone Barbie". Why did I name it this? Because of that pink yarn. I joked with my girls at knit night when I bought it that whatever I made with it I was going to call it something with Barbie in it. Wonder if Mattel is gonna sue me now? How was that for a totally random thought?

As you can see I've only cast on & worked a couple of rows so far. I really can't wait to see how this is gonna look once I start the stripes!

I also got some new yarn in the mail. This is some hand dyed sock yarn I found on Etsy. Colorway is Gryffindor Roar. This I am sure will be used to make a shawl.

Summer is in full swing and Regal Cinemas is doing the Summer Movie Express which means $1 movies every Tues & Wed. The kids & I went to see Monte Carlo today. Afterwards we had to stop at the store for a few things. Happened upon a nice shoe sale while we were out and the entire family got a new pair of shoes. Here are mine:

That's right.....Gray with really bright Orange :O Now this is not something I would have thought to see myself wearing but darned if I wasn't lured in by these bright shoes. The boys even told me they looked good on me. Coming from the eldest especially this means a lot since normally he isn't one for compliments. He's quick to tell me when he thinks something is "lame" but not at all quick with compliments. Now I'll be stylish when we go hiking. B boy got black with bright blue same style as mine. Hubster & A boy got a different style in black/bright green and black/red. 

Oh I also have 2 quick FO's to show off. Just a couple of quick washcloths.

Free pattern can be found here.

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