Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mission Accomplished

It's been a busy day here. I started off my morning by finishing the little house shawl. Yay for cleaning out the WIP pile. Here it is:

I still need to block it but it's off the needles & ends have been tended to. I have to work tomorrow night so maybe I'll spend my day blocking the shawls (Daybreak still needs to be blocked as well).

Then after I bathed my bully boy and cleaned the bathroom I headed in to the craft room to give it a much needed clean up. Our basement flooded earlier this month and B boy used my craft room for a bedroom for 2 weeks while we got everything cleaned up down there. The boys have their room down there so until it was clean they had to stay up here. As well as kiddo camping out in there things also got stored in there that didn't belong. Here is a before picture (I forgot to takes pics until after I had already gotten started):

 And here it is all clean:

I did have help - A came up and moved anything I needed him to & took care of moving the stuff that didn't belong back downstairs. It feels good to finally have my craft room back how it's supposed to be.


  1. Your room is so pretty! I love the color on the walls!! The shawl is absolutely gorgeous too! GREAT model! ;-)